Mobile Dog Grooming

New for 2020, our fantastic, state of the art, kitted out mobile grooming van! This gives your pooch the most comfortable stay to make sure they are completely relaxed in their care with us for their pamper and groom. Robyn has years of experience with professional cuts, and holds City and Guilds Qualification at Level 3. She is sure to give your pooch that head-turner cut.

Our mobile parlour has everything that a state-of-the-art shop has, only we can groom right at your door! No need to take a day off work as once you, your dog and Robyn are familiar with one-another we offer a fully insured, safe service allowing the option for you to return from work to a fluffy, trimmed, pristine pooch!

Offering one-to-one appointments allow me to get to know your dog fully and for you to discuss their specific needs if they can be a little more tricky at the groomer and right on your door step to make any stress absolute minimum.

Mobile dog grooming – Contact Number – 07508991534

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Photo of Dog Grooming Results
Photo of Dog Grooming Results
Photo of Dog Grooming Results


Full Groom

Includes: Ear plucking/Cleaning, Eye cleaning, Bath, Dry, Light de-matting, Anal glands, Nails and Cut/Strip (styling)

  • 1. Very small e.g. Yorkie, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Toy poodle: £26
  • 2. Small e.g. miniature poodle, miniature schnauzer, Maltese: £34
  • 3. Medium e.g. Cocker, Springer, Bedlington, Shih Tzu, Lasso, Cockerpoo: £38
  • 4. Large e.g. Labradoodle, Bearded collie, Airedale, Standard Poodle, Retriever: £44
  • 5. Giant e.g. Giant Schnauzer, Bernese mountain dog: £50

Hand strip

  • 1. Small e.g. Griffon Bruxellios, Norfolk: £34
  • 2. Medium e.g. Border terrier: £38
  • 3. Large e.g. Irish terrier: £42


  • 1. Small e.g. Pug, Frenchie: £20
  • 2. Medium e.g. Labrador: £25
  • 3. Large e.g. Mastiff, Doberman: £26


  • Further travel (outside catchment): £5
  • Matted coat: £5
  • Cologne spray: £1
  • Flea Treatment: £4