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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?... Let’s see about that. We offer training, support and behaviour management for all dogs, from the liveliest pups to the most mature mutts! Whether it’s puppy foundations, impulse control, basic skills or problems with management and behaviour you’re after, we can help. We use Force-free methods and are in sync with the IMDT, latest research and theory behind practical training methods.

We look to offer the highest standards possible and bring a realistic, inspiring and unique perspective to dog training whilst keeping things fun and practical, and tailoring our approaches to each individual and their dog. If you’re looking for some more intensive one-to-one work, we offer hands on training and support for all problems and issues, no matter how big or small. Rehabilitation ranges from building muscle and co-ordination skills, to separation anxiety, aggression and socialisation development, and more. With both dog and owner together, we will help you relax and give you the skills and confidence in what you are doing.

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I contact Petsercise for advice on my dog Dylan he had lately really been snapping at my mams dog. Dylan would get really worked up barking non-stop at patio doors not eat his food. Lauren contacted me the very next day and we arranged for her to come out and visit Dylan. Lauren arrived with toys to work with Dylan and us, also showed us strategies to help Dylan with his anxiety and stress which Lauren had witness while visiting us. Lauren came up with a starting plan which was messaged the next day we have also had follow up texts and phone calls. We have started to notice small changes with Dylan it’s going to be a long process but we would just like to say a massive thank you and would recommend Petsercise to anyone who is having any issues with their dogs

- Dee Clarke

Just had a great training session with Sean today & got some brilliant tips to work on, even my beagle was better using the training techniques I was shown. Can't believe the difference in one session.

- Sandra Johnson

I got in contact with petsercise after getting a rescue puppy (Evie) from Romania and realising we didn’t have a clue about anything in relation to training. Lauren booked an appointment with us and came to us for an initial visit with toys to get to know Evie and to get an idea of what we wanted from her . We’ve worked with Lauren for 8 weeks now and have 2 sessions left to go. Evie came to us at 4 months old as a high energy, untrained puppy who was struggling with potty training and destroying my house. Evie is now 6 months and can sit for a lengthy period of time when asked, leave treats or items we don’t want her to have when asked to, she no longer jumps up on us or our furniture, she can follow basic commands and is very well behaved in the house due to learning commands, she will no longer chew my sons toys or other items she can get hold of (and when she does she will leave it as soon as told by us), she is 100% potty trained and is very relaxed in her cage (during the day and all night). We are also now looking at recall and due to Lauren’s expertise we are already coming on leaps and bounds in this area after only 2 weeks of beginning recall training. The change in Evie in a short time has been amazing to see and we now feel more relaxed and like she is a great addition to the family. Would highly recommend petsercise if you have a new puppy that needs training or are dealing with some challenging dog behaviour!

- Emma Louise

They’re great care for dogs and owners like a family really. ?Had some problems with Milo jumping up on visitors and really being a pain Freya began to copy him they were in charge of me ! My fault Lauren came out to our house for training sessions she showed me lots of common sense tips as a result our home is happier the difference in both dogs is amazing thank you Lauren

- Kim May

Jed has been going out with Sean and Lauren for about 2 months, he was a rescue dog and hadn't had much socialisation with dogs, he goes out once a week and loves his time with the other dogs. I have also done a training session with Sean as Jed howls at other dogs when he's on the lead, Sean was very patient with me and Jed and gave me the techniques to stop this, 3 weeks in and he hardly howls anymore. I can't thank Sean enough for making our walks more enjoyable

- Rachel Jones

Sean has worked wonders with my Bedlington Terrier, Woody. I thought he'd never be able to socialise with other dogs, or walk off lead. After a few sessions Sean introduced Woody to the pack and found him to be a well mannered and submissive dog. Sean has an instinctive understanding of dogs and his approached had very fast results, far more effective than the previous trainer I used. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Petsercise to anyone wanting the best training for their dog and advice for owners. A big thanks to Sean and his team!

- Chris Daunt

I can't recommend Sean and the Petsercise team highly enough. Sean has been a total lifesaver, don't know what I would have done without him. Six weeks ago I took on a Rescue, a 14mth old Golden Retriever, he didn't even know his name let alone a 'Sit', he hadn't done any basic training at all. Harry hadn't been 'handled' very well, he didn't know how to behave inside the house as well as out. But thanks to Sean Harry's coming on very nicely now, he's so much calmer and better behaved. I really didn't think Sean would be able to get him out and about with the group so soon, he was a total whirlwind! with no recall, but now he can run, play, have fun with his Petsercise Pals and he's coming back every time. Over the moon! Thanks Sean for all your help and advice, I really appreciate all the training you have done with Harry, you've went way past 'your call of duty' I would have been lost without you, you've rescued me aswell as my 'Rescue'

- Lorainne Kelly